I am Ana. The first time I felt sick of kidney disease was in October 2008. When the ambulance arrived at my home, my blood pressure was very high, 240/140, and I was put in the hospital for one week. After the medical examination in the hospital, they find out that my creatinine level was extremely high, 1700mg, while the normal level is around 100mg, and suddenly they gave me 6 dialysis. After this I could urinate again and the level of creatinine went down to 300mg. My blood pressure still remained high. The hospital physician prescribed me antihypertensive pills and I was sent home.

From December 2008 till August 2009 I have been admitted in the hospital several times for high blood pressure. My blood pressure was 240/140 and I had headache. I then was taken to the capital hospital were they made examination and diagnosed angiography. They depicted that the renal artery of one kidney was blocked and the other kidney was not working. The kidney, which was still working, worked very slowly. In order to reopen the artery, they did an operation and they placed a stent in my renal artery.

The doctor at the hospital told me that the surgery was successful, but after this I still had no results. My blood pressure remained high and I couldn't control it with any medication. The medication had very little or no effect because in a few hours suddenly the blood pressure went up again above 240/140. Due to this the left side of my face got paralyzed. I also suffered from facial and legs edema.

The physician from the hospital told me I have to be dialyzed for the rest of my life. Since my blood pressure is consistently too high, this is very risky because I only have one kidney left. This made me very sad and hopeless and I felt very depressed. I just couldn’t agree with my doctor that there was no other way I could overcome the dialysis. I had a very strong aim to find a different solution to become healthier. My hope and prayers gave me confidence to keep searching for the right solution to my health problems.

I wanted to retain my only kidney and tried to do what ever it took. During my intensive searches on the Internet I approached many alternative doctors, hospitals, sanatoriums and universities in and outside Europe. I sent lots of emails world over asking them for help. They studied my case, but nobody would accept me as a patient because my health situation was too complex and they had no solution for me.

My family always stood behind me and supported me during this difficult time of my life. They encouraged me to keep on going. Meanwhile I changed my lifestyle and I tried to eat and live as healthy as possible. I became a pure vegetarian, but my problems did not disappear.

After I almost gave up hope, unexpectedly a light flash with hope came again. I came across a very interesting Dutch website: www.pgng.nl This website belongs to dr. R.S. Kumar from Castricum, a naturopathologist - Natuurarts who is very successful in treating difficult chronic diseases. He has tremendous experience in improving the health situation of very ill patients through a natural way. When I sent him an email with my details, I was quite nervous. Will he reply me or will he ignore me, or will he say like others that my health problem is a hopeless case? Anyhow, I sent him my details. Thank God, he immediately responded and asked more information about my medical history. I was so very happy and so was my mother for getting a positive reply from him. He wanted to treat me!! “WOW”, I felt so happy and optimistic and my hope became stronger. Because of his many years of experience as shown in his website, I was sure he could help me.

Dr. Kumar had a lot of confidence he could improve my health and he started to treat me immediately. He treats me for a few months now and he supports me throughout these months. The results are amazing: my blood pressure came down drastically, the edema on my face and legs disappeared, the creatinine level has stabilized and I feel so much healthier and stronger.

I am so thankful to Dr. Kumar. Since I began the therapy so many things has changed in my health. Even the left part of my face that I couldn't move because it was partly paralyzed, is completely normal. There is a visible and amazing progress with the blood pressure; it was all the time around the number of 240/140, and I couldn't get it down with no medicines. Now it is much better! The headaches I suffered from aren't there anymore, and the edema practically disappeared. I can walk much easier now and don’t get tired so easily.

The latest blood tests show that it is getting better. The hemoglobin level for example, which was too low for almost two years, came back to normal. I have a lot more energy than before and my life gets back to normal.

In addition, I really enjoy the food I eat now. Before I started the therapy, I could not imagine that eating this type of food could be such a pleasure. The natural products of Dr. Kumar give me much more energy, health and life. Now I am so used to this food and I enjoy it so much that I think I will never return to the food I had before. They are great products and no less tasty than any other product in the store.

From my own experience I can say that Dr. Kumar Castricum is the most qualified and expert doctor to treat chronically ill patients successfully. One must understand; when I approached so many physicians worldwide, no one had the confidence to come forward to help me. Only Dr. Kumar from the Netherlands had the confidence to do so.

I am sure he has the greatest knowledge about this way of treatment and it will be hard to find some one in the world like him. My medical history and details are available with Dr. Kumar.


I’m in the hospital on dialysis.

The left side of my face is paralyzed.

I am Ana, here when I was struggling from my health from my illness Here I am so worried, how to save my life, my life is in danger!!!! medical world told me they don’t have any possiblities to save my life.

My daily prayers, will God save me?

Naturopathy Treatment by Dr. Kumar

This picture has been taken while recovering my health with Dr. Kumar’s therapy, applying the natural healthy food program. My health improved a lot and happy person because of dr. Kumar therapy happy person because of Dr. Kumar’s therapy

I’m thinking about the future and dreaming to get back my education. I had to stop my education half way, due to I felt sick. I’m very thankful to God I found Dr. Kumar and that he could help me.

Thank you Dr. Kumar, it's a great pleasure that you wanted to treat me and that my health is recovering. Thanks to your therapy, I am free of dialysis at the moment. Thank you for all your help at a time when nobody in the world who I approached wanted to treat me. For each of them my illness was too complicated to treat.

My family and me are so grateful to you Dr. Kumar, I can't express in words that feeling. It is much more than words can say.

I wish you all the best and many more happy patients with your therapy of Paramedical Medicine Naturopathy. With lots of respect,

Ana C. S.